General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-91)
Staff Reporter | 19-06-03

Q. The National Institute of Community Development is located at

? Hyderabad

Q. The famous Rock Garden is located in which city?

? Chandigarh

Q. Sanchi Stupa is located near

? Bhopal

Q. National Science Centre is located at

? Delhi

Q. Central Road Research Institute is in

? Delhi

Q. The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in

? Maharashtra

Q. Where is Chitrakut situated?

? Uttar Pradesh

Q. Which city is called ‘White City’ of Rajasthan?

? Udaipur

Q. The first Indian University was opened in 1857 was in

? Kolkata

Q. The largest dry rock in India is situated at

? Marmugao

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Palash Manna
Palash Manna
3 years ago