General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-88)
Staff Reporter | 19-05-28

Q. Indian School of Mines is located in

? Dhanbad

Q. Which of the following place is famous for its gigantic rock-cut statue of Buddha?

? Bamiyan

Q. Golden Temple is situated in

? Amritsar

Q. Where is the headquarters of Oil and Natural Gas Commission?

? Dehradun

Q. ‘Vijay Stambha’ is situated in

? Chittor

Q. The ‘Char Minar’ is in

? Hyderabad

Q. Where is the National Institute of Virology situated?

? Pune

Q. The ‘satellite freight city’ is being developed near which of the following cities?

? Gurgaon

Q. Central Arid Zone Research Institute is located in

? Rajasthan

Q. National Institute of Nutrition is located in which of the following place?

? Hyderabad

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sanjay biswas
sanjay biswas
3 years ago

sir I am x service man (ARMY)SUPERVISOR Qualified