General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-76)
Staff Reporter | 19-05-14

Q. For what does the world owe Almon Strowger a debt of gratitude?

? Automatic Telephone Exchanges

Q. Who is often called the ‘first African-American’ inventor?

? Benjamin Banneker

Q. The first hand glider was designed by…?

? Leonardo DaVinci

Q. In which decade was the telegraph invented?

? 1840s

Q. What inspired reflecting road lights to be invented?

? The light a cat’s eyes gave off on a fence

Q. When were blue jeans invented?

? 1850s

Q. Who invented Electric Generator?

? Michael Faraday

Q. What device for new parents did Ann Moore invent in 1969?

? Infant carrier

Q. In which decade was the transistor invented?

? 1940s

Q. What Igor Sikorsky invented?

? Helicopter

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sanjit bagdi
sanjit bagdi
4 years ago

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Riajuddin Seikh
Riajuddin Seikh
4 years ago

Verry nice