General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-62)
Staff Reporter | 19-04-22

Q. Limba Ram is associated in which fields?

? Sports

Q. Ms. Meera Sahib Fathima Beevi is distinguished as the first lady

? Judge of Supreme Court

Q. Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh?

? Nek Chand

Q. Hitendra Desai was famous in the which field?

? Politics

Q. Naina Devi, was associated with field of?

? Vocal music

Q. Who is known as ‘Trimurthy of Carnatic Music’?

? Muthuswami Dikshitar

Q. Gangubai hangal is the name associated with

? Music

Q. Who is known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’?

? Florence Nightingale

Q. Girilal Jain was a noted figure in which of the following fields?

? Journalism

Q. Who is Larry Pressler?

? Politician

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