General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-53)
Staff Reporter | 19-04-10

Q. Two of the great Mughals wrote their own memories. There were

? Babar and Jahangir

Q. To which king belongs the Lion capital at Sarnath?

? Ashoka

Q. The use of spinning wheel (Charkha) became common during the

? 14th Century AD

Q. The language of discourses of Gautama Buddha was

? Pali

Q. There were widespread risings against the British in the 1820s. Which one of the following did not revolt in the 1820s?

? Santhals

Q. Velu Thampi led a revolt against the British in state of

? Travancore

Q. The term ‘Yavanapriya’ mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts denoted

? Pepper

Q. The ultimate ownership of land during the post-Gupta period lay with

? the king

Q. To which of the republic of Buddha belong?

? Sakyas

Q. The title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he surrendered during the non-cooperation movement was

? Kaiser-e-Hind

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Pradip kumar Rana
Pradip kumar Rana
3 years ago