General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-40)
Staff Reporter | 19-03-19

Q. Who built the world’s first binary digit computer: Z1…?

? Konrad Zuse

Q. Compact discs, (according to the original CD specifications) hold how many minutes of music?

? 74 mins

Q. Once the active medium is excited, the first photons of light are produced by which physical process?

? Spontaneous emission

Q. ‘DTP’ computer abbreviation usually means ?

? DeskTop Publishing

Q. The average power (in watts) used by a 20 to 25 inch home color television is…?

? 70-100

Q. What does AC and DC stand for in the electrical field?

? Alternating Current and Direct Current

Q. In which decade was the ARRL founded?

? 1910s

Q. ‘CD’ computer abbreviation usually means ?

? Compact Disc

Q. ‘.BAK’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

? Backup file

Q. Where is the headquarters of Intel located?

? Santa Clara, California

Q. Who co-created the UNIX operating system in 1969 with Dennis Ritchie?

? Ken Thompson

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