General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-286)
Staff Reporter | 20-03-09

Q. Which Country will host FIFA World Cup 2022?

? Qatar

Q. The latitude which passes through Sikkim also passes through _____.

? Rajasthan

Q. Upanishad Books are: ________.

? On philosophy

Q. Who invented the electric bulb?

? Thomas Alva Edison

Q. Who led the English Army in the Battle of Buxar?

? Hector Munro

Q. Even after sunset, the air near the Earth’s surface continues to receive heat due to:

? Terrestrial Radiation

Q. ISRO Launches PSLV C-45 Carrying EMISAT with how many Nano satellite?

? 28

Q. The time taken by a pendulum to complete one oscillation is called ?

? Time period

Q. Fire extinguishers emit which gas?

? Carbon dioxide

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Soumitra Murmu
Soumitra Murmu
2 years ago