General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-277)
Staff Reporter | 20-02-25

Q. Sandstone is which type of rock?

? Sedimentary Rock

Q. The constitution of India was framed by :

? Constituent Assembly

Q. What is the minimum age to qualify for Lok Sabha Elections?

? 25 years

Q. The first woman Governor of a state in free India was

? Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

Q. Haematopoiesis take place in ___________.

? Bone marrow

Q. The Indian State of Sikkim does not share a border with which neighbouring country?

? Bangladesh

Q. Which among the following neighbouring country of India is the largest producer of Opium in the World?

? Afghanistan

Q. Marble comes under which category of rocks?

? Metamorphic

Q. Which of the following formed the State Reorganisation Commission group (1953)?

? Fazl Ali and Kanzru

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2 years ago


Arijit Bera
Arijit Bera
2 years ago

Soo help full