General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-272)
Staff Reporter | 20-02-18

Q. In terms of size, Neptune ranks no. ___ in our Solar System.

? 4

Q. Abu Dhabi is the Capital City of _____.

? United Arab Emirates

Q. Amjad All Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments?

? Sarod

Q. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is in which state?

? Karnataka

Q. Khangchendzonga National Park, also known as Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve, is located in ________.

? Sikkim

Q. Shimla is the capital of which Indian State?

? Himachal Pradesh

Q. What is the full form of MLA in the Indian Constitution?

? Member of Legislative Assembly

Q. The number of biogeographical zones in India are –

? 10

Q. In which direction does the earth rotates around its axis?

? West to East

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