General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-271)
Stuff Reporter | 20-02-17

Q. At which of the following places did Hyder Ali built a modern arsenal?

? Dindigul

Q. Lokamanya Bal GangadharTilak hailed form

? Maharashtra

Q. Which is the warmest layer of the atmosphere?

? Thermosphere

Q. Octopus belongs to the phylum –

? Mollusca

Q. Which planet takes the longest time to go around the sun?

? Neptune

Q. Which one of the following is a bad Thermal Conductor?

? Glass

Q. Who invented first working laser?

? T. H. Maiman

Q. The path of a projectile is called its ______.

? Trajectory

Q. Which park also shares its boundaries with Bangladesh?

? Sundarbans National Park

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Sudipta mandal
Sudipta mandal
1 year ago