General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-266)
Staff Reporter | 20-02-10

Q. How many Rajya Sabha members, the President of India can nominate?

? 12

Q. Which bill cannot originate in Rajya Sabha?

? Money Bill

Q. Who can initiate the process of removal of the President before the expiry of his term?

? Member of parliament

Q. Which of the following State is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides?

? Tripura

Q. The Andaman is separated from Nicobar by which water body?

? 10° Channel

Q. Which of these is a dwarf planet?

? Eris

Q. There are total _________ parliamentary seats (Lok Sabha constituency) in West Bengal.

? 42

Q. Bhutan does not share its border with which Indian state?

? Meghalaya

Q. In India, the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act came into force in 1981, but was amended in ________ to include noise as an air pollutant.

? 1987

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Prabir pakre
Prabir pakre
2 years ago

I am totally ready for this job