General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-264)
Staff Reporter | 20-02-06

Q. The Arya Mahila Sabha was founded by ?

? Pandit Ramabai

Q. The Daily Weather Map of India is prepared and printed at___________

? Pune

Q. “Great Barrier Reef”, the world’s largest Coral reef is located in

? Australia

Q. Cockroach cannot survive in the water because its respiratory organ is –

? Trachea

Q. Which drug is used as an Anti-Inflammatory?

? Prednisone

Q. Adding which substance gives blue colour to glass?

? Cobalt oxide

Q. In B.C.G. Vaccine the word ā€˜Cā€™ stands for:

? Calmette

Q. Which Governor General abolished the ‘Sati System’ in India?

? Lord Wiliam Bentinck

Q. Who is the custodian of Contingency Fund of India?

? The President

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