General Knowledge – Question Answer(Set-259)
Staff Reporter | 20-01-29

Q. Indravati, Pranhita and Sabari are important tributaries of which of these rivers?

? Godavari

Q. World Health day is observed on?

? 7th April

Q. Jnanpith Award for the year2017 is awarded to –

? Krishna Sobti

Q. The chemical used for cloud seeding for artificial rain is –

? Silver iodide

Q. Hygrometer is used to measure ?

? Level of humidity

Q. Slug is unit of –

? Mass

Q. “ World Environment Day” is celebrated on:

? 5 June

Q. Who is the author of the book ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ ?

? Arundhati Roy

Q. ‘Boat race’ is the part is which festival ?

? Onam

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