General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-25)
Staff Reporter | 19-02-26

Q. Which of the following is concerned with the study of characteristics, origin and development of land forms?

? Geomorphology

Q. The soils common to the south eastern USA are called

? Ultisols

Q. The Suez canal connects the

? Mediterranean sea and the Red sea

Q. The uppermost epoch of the Neogene period is

? the Pliocene epoch

Q. The slow down slope movement of soil and sediment because of frost heaving and thawing is called

? Frost creep

Q. The smallest country of the world is

? Vatican city

Q. The smallest annual temperature range occurs in the

? Equatorial tropical climate zone

Q. The short term variations of the atmosphere, ranging from minutes to months are called

? Weather

Q. The tide produced as a consequence of the moon and the sun pulling the earth in the same direction is called

? Spring tide

Q. The tropical cyclones with maximum sustained surface winds of 33 ms are called

? Hurricane

Q. The typical soil of tropical region, formed by the weathering of laterite rock, which promotes leaching of the soil is

? Laterite soils

Q. The troughs of the waves are where the jet stream of waves is closest to the

? Equator

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