General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-236)
Staff Reporter | 19-12-25

Q. The reference to the National Capital Territory of Delhi is found in

? Article 239AA

Q. The Permanent settlement introduced by Cornwallis is in Bengal is known as

? Zamindari System

Q. Who was the first Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Calcutta?

? Elijah Impey

Q. The Charter Act of 1793 Renewed the Company’s monopoly for____________ years.

? 20 years

Q. Who did not find a place in the Legislative Council as per the Act of 1853?

? The Lieutenant Governor

Q. The Governor-General was given power to issue ordinances by the act of

? 1861

Q. J.E.D. Bethune was closely associated with

? Female education

Q. In the Indian Parliamentary System, ‘Vote on Account’ is valid for how many months (except the year of elections)?

? 2 months

Q. In the Constituent Assembly, when was the ad-hoc Committee appointed for the National Flag—

? 22th July 1947

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3 years ago

Please tell me how i see previous set of general knowledge