General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-232)
Staff Reporter | 19-12-23

Q. A drainage pattern where a river is joined by its tributaries approximately at right angles is ___________.

? Trellis

Q. The core of the earth is also known as ______.

? Barysphere

Q. Part IV of constitution of India deals with which of the following?

? Directive Principles of State Policy

Q. _________ is a byproduct of sewage treatment and can be decomposed to produce biogas

? Sludge

Q. President of India can refer any matter that is of public importance or that which involves interpretation of Constitution to ____________

? Supreme Court

Q. The heat treatment applied to milk to stabilize and to remove disease causing bacteria is called as

? Pasteurization

Q. Provision was made by the Charter Act of 1813 for the establishment of a Church at____________.

? Calcutta

Q. Who did not find a place in the Legislative Council as per the Act of 1853?

? The Lieutenant Governor

Q. As per the Act of 1853 the Governor-General’s Council was enlarged for the purpose of

? Legislation

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