General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-220)
Staff Reporter | 19-12-03

Q. A Unitary form of government is that in which all the powers are concentrated in the hands of –

? Central government

Q. What is the minimum age for membership to Rajya Sabha?

? 30 years

Q. The minimum age limit for the membership of the Vidhan Parishad is _____.

? 30 years

Q. Indian Citizenship is granted by

? The Ministry of Home Affairs

Q. Who among the following is the Chairman of the National Integration Council?

? The Prime Minister

Q. When did India become a fully Sovereign Democratic Republic—

? 26th Jan. 1950

Q. Within what period, the Parliament has to approve Financial emergency declared by the President—

? Two Months

Q. The antiparticle of an electron is –

? Positron

Q. Provision was made by the Charter Act of 1813 for the establishment of a Church at____________.

? Calcutta

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3 years ago

It’s really helpful for our current general knowledge