General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-209)
Staff Reporter | 19-11-18

Q. Which functionary can be invited to give his opinion in the parliament?

? Attorney General of India

Q. The largest delta of the world is

? Sunderban delta

Q. Tree cover is maximum in

? Western ghats

Q. What amongst the following is responsible for the formation of stone in the human kidney?

? Calcium oxalate

Q. What is a mushroom?

? Fungi

Q. The chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography is-

? Sodium thiosulphate

Q. Which one of the following is viscous?

? Honey

Q. The dispute over Siachin Glacier is between –

? India and Pakistan

Q. A particle dropped from the top of a tower uniformly falls on ground at a distance a which is equal to the height of tower. Which of the following paths will be traversed by the particle?

? Parabolic

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