General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-199)
Staff Reporter | 19-11-04

Q. The deepest trench of the Indian Ocean is

? Java trench

Q. National Commission for SC and ST shall be made by which constitutional institution—

? Parliament

Q. The French made their advent through?

? Pondicherry

Q. The French East India Company was founded in ______.

? 1664

Q. The red planet is ___________.

? Mars

Q. Line of Capricorn does NOT go through which of the following countries?

? Philippines

Q. Kapildhara Falls is situated on which river?

? Narmada

Q. Which one of the following industries is the biggest consumer of water in India?

? Thermal power

Q. To which king belongs the Lion capitol at Sarnath?

? Ashoka

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Apash hazra
Apash hazra
3 years ago

I am interested

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Saheb Ghosh
3 years ago


Arnab Bogi
Arnab Bogi
3 years ago