General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-196)
Staff Reporter | 19-10-31

Q. Which one of the following European trading companies adopted the “Blue Water Policy” in India?

? Portuguese company

Q. Who of the following led the army of the East India Company in the battle of Buxar in 1764?

? Hector Munro

Q. Which is the coldest planet?

? Neptune

Q. Which of the following bears naked seeds?

? Gymnosperms

Q. Who of the following was for the first time designated as the Governor general of Bengal?

? Warren Hastings

Q. The Indian Civil Service Act was passed during the Viceroyalty of

? Canning

Q. The first Famine Commission was constituted under-

? Sir Richard Strachey

Q. Bandipur National Park is in which state?

? Karnataka

Q. Which state in India has the longest coastline?

? Gujarat

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Maidul Islam Jamader
Maidul Islam Jamader
3 years ago

Wonderful questions and answers