General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-192)
Staff Reporter | 19-10-23

Q. What is used to prevent freezing of fuel in space crafts?

? Glycol

Q. _________ is the major component of natural gas.

? Methane

Q. Which drug is used for Pain Relief?

? Tramadol

Q. Which of the following is a Synthetic rubber?

? Neoprene

Q. Clove is obtained from-

? Flower buds

Q. Stephen Hawking, the legendary theoretical physicist has passed away. He belonged to which country?

? United Kingdom

Q. Identify the largest muscle in the human body.

? Gluteus Maximus

Q. ___________Tiger reserve in Karnataka is home to the largest number of Asian elephants in the world.

? Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

Q. Which of the following is known as the study of earthquakes?

? Seisomology

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