General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-19)
Staff Reporter | 19-02-19

Q. The most well known member of halick group is

? Halite

Q. The mountains that separate European and Arctic Russia are

? The Urals

Q. The model that describes how various geological processes create, modify and influence rock is called

? Rock cycle

Q. The main factor determining a region’s climate is

? Latitude

Q. The moon orbits the earth at a mean distance approximately

? 0.384 million km

Q. The mean radius of the earth is approximately

? 6,400 km

Q. Which of the following is a warm current ?

? Kurosiwo current

Q. The moon’s volume is about ____ that of earth.

? 1/50 th

Q. The magnetic field of earth, Magnetosphere expands to about

? 64,000 km above the earth’s surface

Q. The longest epoch of the tertiary period is

? Eocene

Q. The main watershed of most of the peninsular river lies in the

? Western Ghats

Q. The longest day (shortest night) in the southern hemisphere is

? December 22

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