General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-189)
Staff Reporter | 19-10-21

Q. Cholera is caused by-

? Bacteria

Q. Which of the following is not contagious disease?

? Hysteria

Q. The National Defence Academy is located at :

? Khadakvasla

Q. Who rendered the English translation of the Indian National song?

? ShriAurobindo

Q. Indravati, Pranhita and Sabari are important tributaries of which of these rivers?

? Godavari

Q. Which one of the following is a rich source of Vitamin A?

? Carrot root

Q. Which of the following food crops is produced maximum in India?

? Rice

Q. Which of the following places receive minimum rainfall?

? Leh

Q. The main aim of First Five- Year Plans was-

? Agricultural growth

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