General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-173)
Stuff Reporter | 19-10-03

Q. The first Famine Commission was constituted under-

? Sir Richard Strachey

Q. Who among the following Governor General framed the triple alliance against Tipu Sultan?

? Lord Cornwallis

Q. Which one of the following cities is associated with the river Mekong?

? Phnom-Penh

Q. A Royal Commission on the Public Service was appointed in the year

? 1912

Q. The authorization for the withdrawal of funds from the- Consolidated Fund of India must come from:

? The Parliament of India

Q. When some detergent is added to water, the surface tension

? Decreases

Q. Which one of the following region is most rich in coal deposits?

? Damodar Valley

Q. Rainfall caused by intense evaporation in equatorial areas is called ________.

? Convectional rainfall

Q. An increase in the growth rate of the nominal money supply results in –

? Higher rate of inflation

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