General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-172)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-25

Q. Who appoints Chief Election Commissioner of India?

? The President of India

Q. Who among the following holds the office during the pleasure of President?

? Attorney General of India & Governors of states

Q. The minimum age limit for the membership of the Vidhan Parishad is _____.

? 30 years

Q. What is the approximate circumference of earth?

? 40,000 Km

Q. In terms of size, Mars ranks no. ___ in our Solar System.

? 7

Q. Which is the coldest planet?

? Neptune

Q. Who of the following was for the first time designated as the Governor general of Bengal?

? Warren Hastings

Q. The Indian Civil Service Act was passed during the Viceroyalty of

? Lytton

Q. The famine in Bihar and Bengal in 1873-74 was averted by the timely action of

? Northbrook

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Benajir Sarkar
Benajir Sarkar
3 years ago

If you kindy provide me such kind of GK , for I’m greatly grateful to you.