General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-17)
Staff Reporter | 19-02-18

Q. The minor planets revolving between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars are called

? Asteroids

Q. The lowermost and the oldest epoch of the Tertiary Period of geologic time is

? Palaeocene

Q. The luminous coloured ring, surrounding the sun is called the

? Corona

Q. The longest ship canal in the world is the

? St. Laurence Seaway (USA and Canada)

Q. The most recent era of the geological time scale is

? Cenozoic

Q. The low heating capacity of which of the types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel ?

? Peat

Q. The most important factor that is affecting all the chemical weathering processes is

? Climate

Q. The longest river in the Common wealth of independent states is the

? Volga river

Q. The main vegetation of the steppe type climatic regions is

? Large grasslands

Q. The major cause of species extinction is

? Habitat loss and degradation

Q. The movement of particles by rolling, sliding and shuffling along the eroded surface is called

? Traction

Q. Which of the following is an igneous rock ?

? Granite

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