General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-167)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-19

Q. When did India become a fully Sovereign Democratic Republic—

? 26th Jan. 1950

Q. According to the Indus water treaty which river will be not governed by Pakistan?

? Ravi

Q. The ozone layer protects us from harmful _______________ rays of the sun.

? Ultraviolet

Q. First time which year the Railway Budget and the General Budget were presented separately?

? 1924

Q. In which conference of 1888, the constitution was created for Congress?

? Allahabad

Q. Which of the following decisive battles had established the dominion of the British in India?

? Battle of Buxar

Q. Which of the following states/union territories have a common High Court?

? Andaman nicobar and West Bengal

Q. What is called the residual eroded mounds sporadically located in Karst Plains?

? Hum

Q. Who is the author of Sri Lanka’s national anthem?

? Ananda Samarkone

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