General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-166)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-19

Q. The Preamble was for the first time amended by the –

? 42nd Amendment

Q. Which of the following Articles empowers the President of India to summon Joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament?

? Article 108

Q. Sandstone is which type of rock?

? Sedimentary Rock

Q. Who invented Elevator(Lift)?

? E.G Otis

Q. Myanmar shares around ___________ border with India.

? 1,643 km

Q. Satyagraha Sabha was formed by Gandhi at

? Bombay

Q. When King George V and Queen of India visited India, a magnificent Durbar was held at

? Delhi

Q. Who was the Chairman of the States Reorganization Commission?

? Syed Fazel Ali

Q. When was the States Reorganization Commission constituted?

? December 29, 1953

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Pranab Chandra Das
Pranab Chandra Das
3 years ago

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