General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-164)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-10

Q. The French East India Company was founded in ______.

? 1664

Q. “Micro” and “Macro” words in economy was firstly used by –

? Ragnar Frisch

Q. A person can be a member of the Council of Ministers without being a member of the Parliament for a maximum period of

? Six Months

Q. In which article of Indian Constitution the provision of Election Commission is mentioned?

? Article 324

Q. Which of the following is the most abundant metal on Earth’s crust?

? Aluminium

Q. Foehn is a local wind of

? Switzerland

Q. What is the literal meaning of the term “Quo-Warranto”?

? By what authority (or) warrant

Q. Who administers the oath of the President of India?

? Chief Justice of India

Q. Which freedom fighter was popularly known as `Deshbandhu’ ?

? Chittaranjan Das

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Sujit Bhunia
Sujit Bhunia
3 years ago


Sujit Bhunia
Sujit Bhunia
3 years ago

Yes sir. I want to know the question paper

Akhtar Ali
Akhtar Ali
3 years ago

nice questions