General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-163)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-10

Q. In which economic system the goods produced are distributed among people not on the basis of what people need but on the basis of Purchasing Power?

? Capitalist

Q. Which among the following is an example of progressive tax?

? Income tax

Q. Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj, founded in 1828?

? Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q. Red soil is normally found in India in which regions?

? Eastern & Southern part of the Deccan Plateau

Q. Who has the power to prorogue the Lok Sabha ?

? The President

Q. Who has the right to decide whether a Bill is a money bill or not?

? Speaker of Lok Sabha

Q. The members of the All India Services serve the –

? Both the Union and State Governments

Q. The mass of Jupiter is approximately

? Jupiter mass is one-thousandth that of the Sun

Q. The French made their advent through?

? Pondicherry

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Hiraman biswas
Hiraman biswas
3 years ago


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Ramananda Kayal
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