General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-159)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-03

Q. From which part of Opium plant we get morphine?

? Fruit coat

Q. When did the reign of Delhi Sultanate came to an end?

? 1526 AD

Q. Which of the following is the largest Biosphere Reserves of India?

? Gulf of Mannar

Q. Who has got the power to create All India Services?

? Parliament

Q. The Mein Kampf was written by…………

? Hitler

Q. Glucose is a type of…………

? Hexose sugar

Q. Which of the following metals has least melting point?

? Mercury

Q. Who among the following is a famous English writer?

? Mulk Raj Anand

Q. Life Divine is a book written by ………

? Shri Aurobindo

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Animesh das
Animesh das
3 years ago