General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-156)
Staff Reporter | 19-09-02

Q. The type of root formed in Betel vine is …………..

? Climbing Root

Q. Chromosomes are made up of ……………..


Q. Who among the following did not participate in the 1857 revolt against the British?

? Tipu Sultan

Q. Which of the following languages is not specified in Schedule 8 of the Indian Constitution?

? English

Q. Which Amendment Act is referred as mini constitution?

? 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976

Q. Which of these are essentials of democratic system?

? All of the above

Q. The Parliamentary form of Government of India has been adopted from the …………

? British Constitution

Q. Which Ameriacan President was a famous film and TV star before he became the President?

? Ronald Regan

Q. The pioneer of modern Hindi Literature is ……….

? Bhartendu Harishchandra

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Habibur Rahaman
Habibur Rahaman
3 years ago

next question

Hiraman biswas
Hiraman biswas
3 years ago

Importent question.