General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-151)
Staff Reporter | 19-08-27

Q. What is the shape of the earth?

? Oblate Spheroid

Q. Name the ore from which aluminum is extracted

? Bauxite

Q. In which country the Leaning Tower of Pisa located?

? Italy

Q. Which of the following planets has no satellites?

? Venus

Q. Baku is the capital of which country?

? Azerbaijan

Q. Name the capital of Brazil.

? Brasilla

Q. What is the currency of Thailand?

? Baht

Q. What is the currency of Mynamar?

? Kyat

Q. Which is the largest ocean in the world?

? The Pacific Ocean

Q. Which country is known as the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’ ?

? Korea

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3 years ago

Very good