General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-149)
Staff Reporter | 19-08-20

Q. Who started ancient Olympic Games?

? The Greeks

Q. Who is said to be the father of Modern Olympic Games?

? Pierre de Coubertin

Q. In which year did the first modern Olympic Games take place?

? 1896

Q. The head quarters of the IOC is located at.

? Lausanne

Q. Where were the first modern Olympic Games held?

? Athens

Q. Which Olympic Games had to be cancelled due to World War I?

? 1916

Q. The background colour of Olympic flag is?

? White

Q. Which Indian personality was awarded Olympic Order in 1983?

? Indira Gandhi

Q. The Olympic Flames symbolizes

? Continuity of games from ancient to modern Olympics

Q. In which Olympic Games for the first time Olympic Mascot was introduced?

? 1972 Munich

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