General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-136)
Staff Reporter | 19-08-05

Q. Who wrote Madhushala? 

? Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Q. Who is the author of The Satanic Verses?

? Salman Rushdie

Q. Which of the following book was written by Rabindra Nath Tagore?

? Raktakarabi

Q. Who is the author of the book Yama?

? Mahadevi Verma

Q. Whi is the author of the book Adhe Adhure?

? Mohan Rakesh

Q. Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas in the reign of?

? Akbar

Q. Who created the unforgettable literary character of Swami?

? RK Narayan

Q. The author of the book A Brief History of Time is ……………….

? Stephen Hawking

Q. What is the title of APJ Abdul Kalam Autobiography?

? Wings of fire

Q. Who is the author of the book Panchatantra?

? Vishnu Sharma

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Keshab Basak
Keshab Basak
3 years ago

Very nice