General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-134)
Staff Reporter | 19-07-30

Q. The play Julius Caesar was written by

? William Shakespeare

Q. The book / play Kumar Sambhava was written by

? Kalidas

Q. The book Life Divine was written by

? Aurobhindo Ghosh

Q. The book Origin of Species was written by

? Charles Darwin

Q. The book We Indians was written by

? Khushwant Singh

Q. The book A Tale of Two Cities was written by ……………………..

? Charles Dickens

Q. Who wrote Waiting for the Mahatama ?

? R.K. Narayan

Q. The writer of the Harry Potter book series is ……………….

? J.K. Rowling

Q. Who wrote As you Like it ?

? William Shakespeare

Q. Who is the author of Hamlet ?

? William Shakespeare

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Samriddhi Guha
Samriddhi Guha
3 years ago

It’s really very useful for me