General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-125)
Staff Reporter | 19-07-17

Q. The first Governor General of India was appointed in?

? 1833

Q. Which of the following was capital of Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab?

? Lahore

Q. When was the Battle of Plassey fought?

? 1757

Q. First decisive military success of English East India Company in India is marked by?

? Battle of Buxar

Q. Who converted Sikhs into a martial race?

? Gobind Singh

Q. Who founded independent sultanate of Bengal?

? Murshid Quli Khan

Q. Who founded Sikhism?

? Nanak

Q. The first Governor General of India was?

? Lord William Bentick

Q. The Gurumukhi Script was introduced by?

? Guru Angad

Q. Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal?

? Mir Kasim

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