General Knowledge-Question Answer(Set-121)
Staff Reporter | 19-07-16

Q. The earliest city discovered in India was ?

? Harappa

Q. An advanced water management system of Harappan times has been unearthed at

? Dholavira

Q. The archaeological finds from Alamgirapur in Ghaziabad district reflected the

? Harappa culture

Q. Cotton for textile was first cultivated in-

? India

Q. Rock cut architecture in Harappa culture context has been found at

? Dholavira

Q. A copper chariot of Harappa times was discovered at-

? Daimabad

Q. Who discovered the Indus valley civilization

? Dayaram Sahni

Q. Who built the Khajuraho temple?

? Chandela

Q. Arabs were defeated in 738 AD by

? Pratiharas

Q. Who among the following Rajputa kings defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?

? Prithviraj III

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Sanjay Das
Sanjay Das
3 years ago