General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-393)
Staff Reporter | 20-09-17

Q. Benson Hedges Cup is related to which of the following sports?

? Cricket

Q. Biological Oxygen Demand is a measure of ________?

? Pollution

Q. Biligiriranga Temple Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state ?

? Karnataka

Q. What is India’s rank in steel production in the world ?

? 2nd

Q. On February 2, we observed World Wetland Day which marks the signing of Ramsar Convention in which year ?

? 1971

Q. The office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India has been created in / on the basis of ____________?

? Indian Constitution

Q. Which article of Indian Constitution provides adult suffrage?

? Artical 326

Q. In which year first fleet of Dutch reached in India?

? 1595

Q. Most of the Jute Mills of India are located in which state:

? West Bengal

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Dibyendu saha
Dibyendu saha
2 years ago

All answer are right? ??