General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-392)
Staff Reporter | 20-09-13

Q. The existence of genes was first suggested by?

? Gregor Mendal

Q. Who is the first Indian to win a Hoover Prize?

? APJ Abdul Kalam

Q. A Bank included in the second schedule of RBI is called as _________?

? Scheduled Bank

Q. In which year Tax Reforms committee was constituted by Government of India?

? 1991

Q. Which work was originally called as Jaya Kavya?

? Mahabharata

Q. Which Buddhist work is written in Sanskrit?

? Divyavadana

Q. Which South Asian country was never took over by any European Power?

? Thailand

Q. On which date Sri Lanka observes its Independence day?

? 4th February

Q. In which year Wholesale Price Index (WPI) was published for the very first time?

? 1902

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Bipasa Sutradhar
Bipasa Sutradhar
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Sawon Das
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Aktar Hossain
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