General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-390)
Staff Reporter | 20-09-08

Q. Which Bank previously known as Imperial Bank of India?

? State Bank of India

Q. Which gas is used in Balloons?

? Hilium

Q. Lok manya Tilak Award is given in which field?

? Journalism

Q. Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?

? Nagarjuna Srisailam Sanctuary

Q. Which state in India accounts for almost 100% production of lemongrass oil?

? Kerala

Q. India’s largest petrochemical complex is located at:

? Gujarat

Q. Ghagghar is the main and only seasonal river of which state ?

? Haryana

Q. Which place in Himachal Pradesh is called as “Mini Switzerland”?

? Kharjiar

Q. WISPA is related to which sports?

? Squash

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