General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-387)
Staff Reporter | 20-08-29

Q. Four mattas in the four corners of India were founded by ___?

? Adi Shankara

Q. Who wrote Priyadarshika?

? Harshavardhana

Q. Secretariat of International chamber of commerce is located at:

? Paris

Q. Which was the first state in India to constitute an institution of Lokayukta?

? Odisha

Q. “My Country My Life” is an autobiography written by …………….?

? Lal Krishna Advani

Q. Which religious text is written in the form of questions and answers?

? Abhidhamma Pitaka

Q. Who is known to oppose the Age of consent bill?

? Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q. On which date of December we observe Minorities Rights Day ?

? December 8

Q. Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs is located at:

? Gurgaon

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