General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-386)
Staff Reporter | 20-08-27

Q. In which year Statutory Liquidity Ratio was first imposed on banks?

? 1949

Q. Which was the first Commercial Bank of India?

? Hindustan Bank

Q. What is CD ratio in Banking industry?

? Cash Deposit Ratio

Q. Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) is located at?

? Chennai

Q. In which states Devnimori stupa related to Buddhism is located?

? Gujarat

Q. Ancient Damascus which is located in Syria is a world heritage site. It is a ____?

? City

Q. Points Calimere Bird sanctuary is located in which state ?

? Tamil Nadu

Q. Which is called India’s market watch dog?


Q. Central Accounts Section of Reserve Bank of India is located at:

? Nagpur

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Mosadul middya
Mosadul middya
2 years ago