General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-384)
Staff Reporter | 20-08-18

Q. In which of the oceans world’s largest island is located?

? Arctic

Q. What is the difference of time on either side of the International Time Line?

? 24 Hours

Q. A Cyclotron is ___?

? A Particle Accelerator

Q. What is the atomic number of Transuranic elements?

? Grater than 92

Q. Which team was first winner of “World Cup Hockey” ?

? Pakistan

Q. What is the approximate maximum weight of Golf Ball as per Rules of Golf?

? The ball may not exceed 45.93 gms

Q. Ezra Cup is related to which sport ?

? Polo

Q. India’s first Export Promotion Industrial park was opened in:

? Jaipur

Q. Tower of Victory ” or Vijay stambh in Rajasthan is located in

? Chittorgarh

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