General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-379)
Staff Reporter | 20-08-07

Q. Members of nagarpalika or municipality are elected for a period of ________?

? 5 Years

Q. Hindi poet Jagannath Pandit Raj was the most favorite poet of which Emperors?

? Shahjahan

Q. On which date, second world war started in 1939?

? September 1

Q. The buildings in Fatehpur sikri are built by which material ?

? Red Stone

Q. “Puskin Medal” is a prestigious award of which countrie?

? Russia

Q. Which is currency of Slovakia ?

? Euro

Q. Raja Wodeyar founded which Kingdoms?

? Mysore

Q. Treaty of Yandabo is related to which state ?

? Assam

Q. The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a standard symbology for which code ?

? Bar Code

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