General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-378)
Staff Reporter | 20-08-05

Q. In which year National Liberal Federation was formed in India ?

? 1919

Q. The Third battle of Panipat was fought between ?

? Ahmed Shah Abdali & Marathas

Q. A cluster of islands is called ?

? Archipelago

Q. The part of Earth’s lithosphere that surfaces in the ocean basins is called ?

? Ocean crust

Q. Which organizations provides Buffer Stock Financing Facility ?

? International Monetary Fund

Q. Headquarters of “Asian Clearing Union” is loacted at

? Tehran

Q. A bend in the rock due to compressional forces is called ?

? Folds

Q. High court seat of Kerala & Lakshadweep is located at?

? Kochi

Q. Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training is located at?

? Kochi

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M. S.
M. S.
2 years ago

New updated page is resisting us to view the extreme left words of the page clearly. Kindly look into this matter.