General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-374)
Staff Reporter | 20-07-26

Q. According to some Jain traditions, who was son-in-law and first disciple of Tirthankara Mahavira?

? Jamali

Q. Which site of Indus Valley era is considered as the oldest “Ploughed field” in the world?

? Kalibangan

Q. Who was the founder of the Paris Indian Society?

? Bhikaji Kama

Q. Who was the founder director of TIFR?

? H. J. Bhabha

Q. Which is the largest oil refinery in India?

? Jamnagar Refinery

Q. Kyoto Protocol’s first meeting was held at which country?

? Japan

Q. Petrology is the study of

? Rocks

Q. Bohag Bihu is a festival in North East India, mainly in the state of ____?

? Assam

Q. The largest producer of rubber is_________ ?

? Thailand

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Surabhi ghosh
Surabhi ghosh
2 years ago