General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-372)
Staff Reporter | 20-07-20

Q. Underground Hamza River was found below the basin of which river ?

? Amazon River

Q. Who was the president of the British Indian Association that was founded in 1851?

? Radhakant Deb

Q. World’s longest seawall is located in:

? South Korea

Q. India’s Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute is located in?

? Kolkata

Q. Who among the following former Prime Ministers of India ,never served as Chief minister of Indian state?

? Chandra Shekhar

Q. What is the S.I. unit of magnetic dipole moment?

? joule/tesla

Q. The 2017 Public Service Broadcasting Day (PSBD) is celebrated on which date in India?

? November 12

Q. Which acid is abundant in Grapes, Bananas and Tamarind?

? Tartaric Acid

Q. Who was the first Indian International Cricket Council President?

? Jag Mohan Dalmiya

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Indranil sen
Indranil sen
2 years ago

Please send me all of this GK set into my email