General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-368)
Staff Reporter | 20-07-02

Q. What is the bond angle between H2O molecule?

? 104.5°

Q. Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is mostly a mixture of which carbon compounds?

? Propane and Butane

Q. In which of the following years, first Afghan War took place?

? 1839

Q. In which year Financial Stability Forum (FSF) was established?

? 1999

Q. The Iron Pillar at Mehrauli was built during the ruling period of which dynasty?

? Gupta Dynasty

Q. Who is the most prominent god of ‘Rigveda’?

? Indra

Q. Pench National Park, which was included under the umbrella of “Project Tiger” is located in:

? Madhya Pradesh

Q. “Temple of the Emerald Buddha” is located in which country?

? Thailand

Q. What is the full form of CPU?

? Central Processing Unit

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Bishal basfore
Bishal basfore
2 years ago

12th paas