General Knowledge – Question Answer (Set-367)
Staff Reporter | 20-06-29

Q. Which blood group is universal donor?

? O-

Q. Hamim Humam who was the chief of Royal School (Pathshala) adorned the court of which Mughal Emperor?

? Akbar

Q. What is the nature of Drinking soda?

? Acidic

Q. Which countries domestic intelligence agency is known as Amaniyat?

? Afghanistan

Q. Which colour is formed when Red and Green are mixed?

? Yellow

Q. Volta River project is located in which country ?

? Ghana

Q. When was the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) first introduced in elections (on experimental basis) ?

? 1989-90

Q. Which vitamin protects us from Pellagra disease?

? Vitamin B3

Q. Baltic Sea & North Sea are connected by _________?

? Kiel Canal

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